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I would like to invite you all to play test and provide feedback for my final year project game, ClusterTech.  ClusterTech is a first-person, sci-fi, action shooter. 

Your time and feedback is greatly appreciated and will help my project grow and improve.

Link to feedback form - https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeWxTHlpYi56bBgyLwPetAPGi03UO8BaVlUipJ0XkhO8cmdHg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you!


ClusterTech.zip 1,008 MB


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Hm yeah the game looks very, very pretty! And the player basic movement (W,A,S,D) feels also pretty nice (which is not just natural).

However, the rest of the controls and gameplay need quite a lot of improvement. After two runs, I still can't tell for sure whether the weapon is a hitscan waepon or not. Which means my combat experience was very... uhm, pointless. The overall weapon handling is very 'wobbly', in every aspect. That's a classic issue with non-AAA fps, so no need to feel bad for it! Still, if you want an fps that plays great, dig deeep into weapon handling, weapon feedback, aiming specifically for this genre. It's a science of its own and it's probably best to just 'copy' a style that you like for your game from a successful AAA game as good as you can.

Also, maybe you want to consider the dash system of UT (double tap left/right to dash) rather than using single buttons for it (just an idea).

You got a great start here and damn pretty screenshots, I can see you really handle the visual aspect of the engine very well!

Hope this feedback helps! :-)